Effective planning and a robust delivery framework will help you develop a roadmap showing the journey to achieve the end state and what’s involved to get you there. This is a critical stage where the vision must be turned into a delivery strategy including a clear delivery plan, resource requirements, identification of senior sponsorship, and key control mechanisms such as the management of tasks, budget, risks & issues, stakeholders and communications.

No matter how large the change is, effective delivery is based on taking action to bring the vision or goals to life by putting pragmatic structures in place to make things happen. This stage focuses on how change will be delivered into the organisation.

The challenges you may face during this stage include:

Producing effective delivery plans for the strategy / vision

Establishing effective decision making & governance processes

Producing budget forecasts and business benefits plans

Developing effective tracking process, metrics and KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

Resolving problems and working flexibly to accommodate changes

Resourcing your programme or project effectively (resource capacity management) including clear roles and responsibilities

Identifying stakeholders, understanding their influence and developing a plan to manage them

Identifying the cross project and programme interdependencies impacting successful delivery

Identifying and actively managing risks and issues to mitigate and limit their impact on successful delivery

We can help you:

Deliver your programme, project or change activity by providing a dedicated resource

Develop delivery plans to deliver the strategic vision (task break down, timelines and milestones)

Identify the people impact of the proposed deliverable and construct change management plans

Evaluate the change readiness of the organisation before go live

Establish and manage governance frameworks (embedded into current structures) and support effective decision making

Identify, manage and track dependencies, Risks & Issues

Identify stakeholders, understand their impact on the change and build plans to proactively manage these key relationships and influence the communications plan.

Identify key headings and content to build into the communication plan

Established a Programme Management Office (PMO) with a telecoms organisation for their three year programme driving a £90m commercial transformation strategy. Building and tracking delivery plans, introducing governance structures, finalising KPIs for programme evaluation against its key objectives. This resulted in the programme senior management team being able to take key decisions and manage the relationship with the Board effectively.

Mobilised and led the programme office for a charity as part of a £6m cause related marketing relationship with a large corporate organisation helping them establish plans, governance, success measurements and collaborating with the partner organisation, so the charity could maximise its resources by working efficiently.

Developed a project management methodology to help a facilities management organisation introduce a commercial control mechanism and a gated project delivery process together with a suite of project management documents to improve consistency of delivery and commercial control.

Project managed a global HR SAP initiative for a telecoms organisation as they standardised data and reporting across 24 markets, involving the planning and the project management of system changes and managing to budget, resulting in system changes delivered on time, clear change communications and improvement in quality of data and reporting.

Developed benefits realisation plans as part of managing programmes and projects so that the benefits can be realised by the business post-delivery.


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