Having a clear vision of what success looks like is important at the start of any programme or project. Starting with the end in mind allows you to set up key metrics to both manage output when you’re in the middle of delivering projects (ensuring that you are delivering against the business case) and also ensures that you know what results (outcomes) you expect to see once the change is delivered upon go live.

A key part of this is to have a benefits owner identified in the organisation who can monitor the realisation of the programme or project benefits against the original business case once the delivery mechanism is closed down and also ensure that the delivery has the end results in mind as it is executed.

The challenges you may face during this stage include:

Setting SMART targets and objectives

Gaining buy in to develop measures at the beginning of the project

Developing customer / service focused targets and measures

Agreeing shared targets / success measures across functions

Ensuring measurement continues after the project ends

Identifying who owns benefit realisation after go live

Demonstrating that change has made a difference to business as usual (its more than just going live with a project, so measuring outcomes and not just output is critical)

We can help you:

Identify what success looks like at the start of the process (in the vision stage)

Work with the senior sponsor to articulate what success looks like and input to the comms plan

Develop KPI / scorecard dashboards

Build programme / project tracking mechanisms (outputs)

Develop benefits realisation plans (outcomes)

Build benefits realisation tracking mechanisms (outcomes)

Support how you make change stick in the organisation (outcomes)

Measure the effectiveness of collaborative working (across teams / markets/ organisations)

Understand what success looks like and how to measure it

Provided analysis and set direction for a cost savings project for a telecoms organisation resulting in savings in excess of £1m

Led the design of a staff scheduling model for a national telecoms retail chain to calculate its most effective staffing utilisation, resulting in first year savings of £550,000 and a change in full time to part time staffing mix which improved the customer experience.

Produced an options evaluation model for a charitable foundation to enable it to formally assess all funding requests against its key criteria enabling a consistent and transparent process for funding decisions.

Led the development of a new KPI reporting dashboard for a national telecoms UK HR function utilising dynamic dashboards leading to a step change in the way the management team reviewed and managed their function.

Supported a change programme set clear KPIs and success measures enabling them to evaluate post-delivery benefits realisation.

Worked with the senior management team to establish key success measures for a large three year transformation programme, resulting in the delivery of a KPI dashboard to measure outcomes of the programme rather than just output.


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