Having a clear vision of what success looks like is critical to delivering any type of change into your organisation. Building a clear picture at the beginning of the process will help you gain the right level of senior sponsorship, build a robust business case, secure budget and be able to articulate the reason for change to the organisation.

This stage is just as important to a one off project as it is to a major business transformational change. It helps clarify what you are trying to achieve, why you’re doing this and how you will do it.

Simply put, this is starting with the end in mind, so that you get the desired results.

The challenges you may face during this stage include:

Clarifying direction and gaining leadership buy in (sponsorship)

Ensuring consumer / user needs are fully understood

Defining shared values, goals and objectives

Conducting adequate investment evaluation (benefits / business case)

Having a clear end state or a view of what success looks like

Identifying and articulating clear reasons for the change

Identifying and securing the appropriate senior sponsorship

We can help you:

Define your vision of success

Turn an existing vision into a delivery strategy

Develop a delivery strategy or fine tune an existing strategy

Business planning and objective setting

Visualise and articulate what success looks like

Requirement gathering to help define clear objectives

Develop or support the creation of a business case to help you gain approval to proceed with change

Clarify the reason why change is needed

Worked with functional teams to shape the objectives and goals of a change programme so that clear benefits were articulated to gain buy in for the change and secure senior sponsorship.

Worked with the Management Team of a Facilities Management organisation to produce a 10 year strategy and a structured set of deliverables, resulting in a Board approved programme and clear communication content for cascade to the business.

Supported the Board of a national energy company to analyse the impact of an organisational design change in preparation for the official announcement, ensuring key stakeholders were involved, change impacts were understood which delivered a clear reason for change and more effective communications.

Supported the Board of a national charity define its 5 year strategy and supported the development of a 12 month detailed business plan to begin delivering the strategy, resulting in clear identification of outputs & outcomes measures and delivery timescales.

Worked with the HR Management team of a telecoms company to finalise its business case to secure budget and then set up a Programme Office to deliver the change.

Worked with a change programme team to define its success criteria which meant it could articulate why the change was needed and what success looked like so it could produce clear communications to gain buy in from the organisation.

Worked with a telecoms customer service management team to define a customer service strategy, resulting in a clear approach to delivering segmented customer service with a high level delivery timeline.

Led a monitoring call centre relocation strategy for an organisation in the security sector providing options evaluation support to help make the decision with balanced facts and figures leading to a recommended approach to inform a change programme.


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