People play a key role in ensuring that the change is delivered and more importantly accepted by the organisation. On the delivery side it’s critical to have senior sponsorship for the change whether it’s a one off project or a larger change programme and also imperative to develop an effective delivery team who can work collaboratively across boundaries.

As well as delivery focus, the people element of programmes and projects should not be underestimated when planning how the change will be accepted by the organisation and how individuals are impacted by what you are trying to deliver. They are a critical part of ensuring a successful delivery and must be taken on a change journey as part of the project clarifying the need for change, how the change will happen, what it will look like and how individuals can gain knowledge or training to be ready for the change.

The challenges you may face during this stage include:

Getting the right people involved and freeing up their time from day to day activities

Managing a group of resources, often with no line management authority

Engaging and managing the programme / project sponsor

Maintaining the ongoing drive for the programme / project

Resource balancing (scheduling tasks to match resource capacity)

Getting people ready for the change (change readiness)

Clarifying project roles and responsibilities (which differ from line management)

Developing transparency and trust for the change

Managing stakeholders effectively to keep them on side and informed

We can help you:

Identify and manage the senior sponsor

Identify and manage stakeholders

Develop a collaborative delivery team to work across functions or organisations

Plan resources (capacity vs task delivery)

Produce clear project / programme roles and responsibilities (RASCI)

Identify key messages for the communication plan

Identify people’s readiness for change

Produce organisation communications for the change

Coach and mentor the project team to support knowledge transfer

Coached and mentored employees during our engagements to transfer knowledge and skills so that the organisation retained delivery capability to use on an ongoing basis.

Supported organisations with people readiness assessments ahead of delivering change into the business so that they could assess likely impact on go live and identify additional change activities required to deliver the change effectively.

Identified and evaluated stakeholders on a programme to understand how individuals needed to be managed and communicated to in order to help deliver the change into the business more effectively.

Built a capacity planning model for a HR function of a telecoms company to help them plan resources effectively based on strategy and demand so they could plan more effectively and utilise resources efficiently.

Supported a global project to deliver by utilising market specific champions to help deliver change into each market by ensuring effective stakeholder management, buy in and markets were ready for change.

Developed a RASCI model to provide a clear set of roles and responsibilities against a project methodology to ensure the right people were involved in each stage of the project, this improved co-operation, stakeholder management, reduced time in meetings discussing task ownership and reduced the number of escalations.


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