The Challenge

Santia undertook a complex programme which set out to deliver the integration of a competitor, the rationalisation of our asbestos product line, and the expansion of our health and safety product line internationally within emerging markets in the Middle East and United States. To ensure the programme of works was delivered successfully and on time, we engaged Red Ant Consulting to provide the interim support required to deliver these short term goals.

The Solution

Red Ant Consulting was commissioned by Santia to help establish and run a temporary programme office, which adopted a cross functional approach to monitoring key projects and programmes against the transformation vision and ensure all the major projects and initiatives remained on track.

As this programme of works delivered wide ranging, evasive change within a very compressed window it was necessary to monitor progress and risks closely. Effective stakeholder management was critical to bringing the functions together successfully during this period of change to maintain focus and morale.

The Benefits

Alyn Franklin (CFO of Santia UK) commented "by setting up a temporary PMO and governance framework we were able to keep control of each project and ensure issues were identified, escalated and dealt with quickly. The role required an individual who was prepared to go beyond the boundaries of typical programme or project management, stepping in to provide management or operational level support as required".

The consultant worked as part of our organisation and acted as an extension of the core senior management team. He delivered to deadlines, provided timely solutions to business problems, bringing energy and a flexible working style to the programme, which helped us get further ahead with our programme than anticipated. I have no hesitation recommending Red Ant Consulting”